Religious Tour

This tour is an ideal destination for religious tourism and study of Byzantine art and religious architecture. Crete’s monastic heritage is immense and reflects the passion with which the Cretans have celebrated their Orthodoxy for over 1600 years. The monasteries used to play very important roles in previous generations lives ad were religious centers which also protected the people from any enemies. We will visit three monasteries – The monastery of Agia Triada of Tzagarolon, the Kyria ton Aggelon Monastery and the Katholiko monastery. The monastery of Agia Triada of Tzagarolon is one of the richest and most beautiful monasteries in Crete. The monastery today hosts a small museum with various pictures and icons. Visitors will see an incredibly well-preserved and vibrant monastery that produces and exports organic olive oil, wine, honey, vinegar and olive oil soap of unique quality. Next is the Kyria ton Aggelon Monastery which is situated on a rocky site at an altitude of 260m, near the entrance of the gorge Avlaki and is built with fortress architecture and four towers with bastions protect its corners. The church of the monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary, so it is also called Kyria ton Agelon (Lady of the Angels Monastery). The Katholiko Monastery it is considered the oldest monastery on Crete, as it was founded in the mid-11th century. Its founder was St. John the Stranger or Hermit who lived in a cave. The monastery is now ruined and can be accessed through a trail that starts from the Monastery Gouverneto (20’-30’ minutes walking).


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