Cretan Villages Chania

One of the newest and best Crete’s attraction is the Botanical Park. A cross between a scenic hike and an interesting nature trail, the Botanical Gardens offers visitors a fantastic day out away from the beach. Well-signposted paths take you through the different sections of the Botanical Park, which consist of tropical trees, fruit trees, citrus groves, herbs and vineyards. The lake at the bottom of the park offers a home to ducks, geese and other water birds. You'll see pairs of buzzards flying overhead too. There's even a spectacular amphitheatre on the site. Our next stop is the mountainous village Therisso south of Chania city. It is located in a superb natural location on the roots of the White Mountains and it is a landmark in the contemporary history of the island. The revolution of Crete and its reunion with Greece started right at this village by Eleftherios Venizelos. The movement of Therissos as it is called only resulted into the resignation of Prince George but nevertheless showed off the great leadership skills of the future prime minister of Greece and one of the most important politicians of the country. We will continue our ride from Therissos to Zourva crossing wonderful mountainous scenery. In scenic Zourva we will drink a Greek coffee and try the delicious pies from Sfakia while watching the splendid view. Our last visit is Meskla. Meskla is built among large orange groves and is the site of an ancient city where various artefacts and remains of Cyclopean walls have been found. It was destroyed twice in the past. The Venetians, first and the Turks later, laid everything waste. Around the village one can see many ancient ruins of homes.


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