Istanbul, a fascinating city built on two Continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait. This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city, it's a melting pot of many civilizations and different people. Istanbul is also announced by the European Union as the 2010 European Capital of Culture. Amongst the famous museums make a point to visit the Adam Mickiewicz Museum and Istanbul Archaeological Museums. Mosques are beautiful creations commissioned by the rulers of Istanbul to give a glimpse of their own power and glorious reign. The Blue Mosque built by Sultan Ahmet is the largest mosque in Istanbul. Its specialty lies in its Iznik tile interior. The Aya Sofya (known as Haghia Sofia in Greek and also called the Church of the Divine Wisdom) was regarded as the greatest church in the entire Christian kingdom until the fall of Constantinople after which it was used as a mosque. Since the foundation of Turkish Republic, modern day Turkey, Hagia Sophia is being used as a museum. Among the famous monuments in Istanbul are the Basilica Cistern and The Hippodrome. The latter was used as a water storage tank and speaks of the magnificent Byzantium era. There are many palaces of interest in Istanbul like Dolmabahçe Palace and the Topkapi Palace. The Topkapi is a huge structure and houses the Imperial Council Chamber, the Imperial Treasury, the Sacred Safekeeping Rooms, Baghdad Kiosk, the Tower of Justice and the Harem.

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